Mikrotik Router Setup Guide

Mikrotik is one of the leading brands providing a lot of networking services to build a smooth network so easily. Mikrotik provides hardware and software for internet connectivity along with wireless routers across the world. The very cost-effective Mikrotik devices have been able to revolutionize the world by constantly providing reliable wireless connectivity across the home. The performance of the Mikrotik router is excellent and brings some great features in a great way. Since all the Mikrotik routers are powered with the RouterOS they have been programmed with an extremely easy Mikrotik router setup process. To provide power to its devices, Mikrotik welcomed its own router hardware known as RouterBOARD. The Mikrotik wireless router is mainly known for bandwidth control and packet filtering functionalities.

The range of wireless routers produced by Mikrotik is an easy way to handle the wireless connectivity need of homes or offices. A Mikrotik router has a user-friendly graphical interface that helps to manage the Mikrotik device easily. Setting up Mikrotik router is not a difficult task at all. After accessing the Mikrotik router login IP address you can easily setup Mikrotik wifi. The Mikrotik wireless router runs on the latest 802.11ac technology and provides 5GHz connectivity with multiple bands to make this connectivity as fast as possible. If you have a Mikrotik router at your place and you don’t know how to configure Mikrotik router, this Mikrotik router setup guide can help you achieve this. We have covered all the related topics here such as Mikrotik wap setup, Mikrotik quick setup, Mikrotik RouterBOARD settings or much more.  You will also get answers to your queries like how to configure Mikrotik router for internet.

Mikrotik RouterBOARD Setup

Before we start the Mikrotik setup process, you must have knowledge about your device. Your router is a low-cost & multiport device. A Mikrotik router is powered by RouterOS installed on the hardware RouterBOARD. One of the most important aspects of the Mikrotik wireless router is they are configured and are usable right out of the box. You don’t have to configure or set up every detail. Just plug in and play the device instantly.

Mikrotik RouterOS:

RouterOS is the fully featured routing operating system installed on the hardware RouterBOARD. It coverts your computer into a router network and has all the necessary features such as firewall, VPN server, bandwidth management, hotspot gateway, wireless access point, backhaul link, real-time configuration, and monitoring, etc. This RouterOS software is easy to install.

Mikrotik RouterBOARDs:

Techies like you need a customizable router they can personalize for all their requirements. Mikrotik Corporation provides the integrated circuits known as RouterBOARD. With a simple Mikrotik RouterBOARD setup, you can create a complete hardware operating platform for RouterOS. The RouterBOARD, combined with RouterOS, provide wireless broadband in remote areas. It is powered by a processor and RAM along with five Gigabit LAN ports, and an SFP cage.

How to Configure Mikrotik Router?

As we have mentioned before, the Mikrotik router is a plug and play device. You would not be asked to setup every intricate detail and just plug in and play the device instantly. However, in some cases, you will have to access the Mikrotik login page. Whether you have to change the Mikrotik username and password or configure mikrotik router to access internet, you need to perform mikrotik setup through a web browser. Here is the complete mikrotik router setup guide:

Unboxing a Mikrotik Router:

Mikrotik hardware includes a device, a power adapter, and a Mikrotik RouterBOARD manual with basic getting started instructions. Also, a wall mount kit for network closet is available for purchase as an optional accessory. This kit contains a mountable plate, a set of screws and wall anchors. You can use to the mounting plate to mount it on a flat surface (by default, it is preinstalled on the device).

Before we head over to the Mikrotik router login and setup process, let’s see what power connections we are supposed to make.

Initial Setup:

If you have purchased a wall kit, install or mount your Mikrotik device firmly on the wall or on a flat surface. Follow the instructions given below to complete the mikrotik router setup process:

  • First of all, you need to remove the mountable plate from the bottom side.
  • Pull the plate in the direction pointed by the arrow and then lift it gently out of the plate.
  • Once the device is off from the mountable plate, install the screws and the wall anchors on the wall and mount or fix your router firmly on the wall.
  • Take an Ethernet cable and connect the router’s internet port to the LAN port of your modem.
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the router to the Ethernet port of your PC.
  • Plug in the power plugs for all the devices that you wish to use including the PC, modem and the Mikrotik Wi-Fi router.
  • Now, plug your router into a power plug and turn the switch on. You will hear a sound beep as it boots up.
  • Simultaneously, turn on the modem as well as your PC.

Mikrotik Router Setup via Web Browser

Setting up Mikrotik router through a browser is an easy task. You need to just follow these steps:

  • Set the internet connection of your computer to receive an IP automatically (DHCP). This is an extremely important step as your router will not receive Wi-Fi connection with a static IP address.
  • The default Mikrotik router login IP address is Enter this address to gain access to the mikrotik login page.
  • Launch a browser on your PC and enter this address in the address bar of the browser.
  • After you enter the address, Mikrotik router login page prompts you for the admin username and password. If you have no idea about login credentials, check the Mikrotik RouterBOARD manual.
  • Enter the default username and password and click “Login” to configure mikrotik router to access internet.
  • On the Mikrotik setup page, you will see a list of menu items.
  • Click “Mikrotik Quick Setup” and you will get online instructions to configure the router.
  • All other settings can be made using this page whenever you wish to. You can change the username and password of the device.

With this, the Mikrotik device is configured perfectly on your network. You can make any sort of changes by accessing Mikrotik RouterBOARD settings.

Mikrotik Router Reset

The Mikrotik devices are easy to reset. Press and Hold the Reset button using a paper clip. This will roll back the device to the default factory settings and you have to perform MIkrotik router setup once again.

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